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If you are searching for the best places to visit in Punjab, let us tell you that there is no one place that fits all. Punjab—the land of five rivers, is best known for its brave, kind-hearted, and hospitable people. With its exuberant festivals and celebration, Punjab delights everyone differently.

What’s more beautiful than its culture and religious diversity are its people, ‘The Punjabis.’ The people of Punjabi are so bold & brave, they warmly welcome everyone regardless of their caste, religion, and country. Over the top, they love colorful dresses, adrenaline rush music and share an undying love for food & fun. If you ever visit Punjab, what you will love the most is spicy, tangy-flavored traditional Punjabi food, especially their butter chicken.

With all these things, Punjab is undoubtedly a worth-visiting place, but do you know where to head in Punjab? No worries, we have rounded up the ten best places to visit in Punjab that are not ordinary tourist places. So, let’s take this virtual Punjab tour.

Adem Martin

Adem Martin

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