Salute to Veterans

We have a new reference book at our history room, "Seneca County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions 1987" compiled by The Seneca County Genealogical Society and given to us from the estate of Glenn E. Hall. The first thought you might have is "Why would that be interesting?" but many family researchers use information from cemeteries to learn about their family history. It is also interesting to learn about the people who settled this area long ago.

With Memorial Day less than two weeks away, we are looking at the cemeteries of Scipio Township and focusing on the veterans.

Clay Groscost Cemetery is located on township road 124, about one mile east of state route 18, it sits on the south side, set back away from the road, there is no parking but there is a mowed area of grass to walk back to the cemetery.

At Clay Cemetery the headstones are all very old and many are broken or unreadable but there you will find a Revolutionary War Veteran named Daniel Groscost, and a War of 1812 Veteran named Silas Skeels. As we celebrate Memorial Day, let us remember all the veterans, even the ones in quiet, little, nearly forgotten cemeteries.

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