Cemetery Visits Continued

Updated: May 26, 2019

We visited the other two small cemeteries in Scipio Township on a quest to find veteran's graves and found one more at the Reformed Church Cemetery on State Route 18, just north of Choice Gardens. There is a veteran's flag marking a headstone. The stone is difficult to read and multiple attempts to do a rubbing were unsuccessful, but it seems to read, William F. Bacher, son of H & H Bacher killed in the battle of Chickamauga. Chickamauga was a battle fought in Tennessee during the Civil War.

Scipio Township Cemetery is on Township Road #106, about a mile east of State Route 19, south of Republic, we did not find any veterans buried here but with a walk around, found a Dr. Erastus Fellow who died in 1843.

One thing of note when visiting these cemeteries was the number of babies and young children buried. This stone was of note with the names and dates of four children who all died young.

We are pleased to say that although the small cemeteries seem lost and forgotten, they are kept mowed and trimmed very nicely by our Township and have new flags flying to honor the veterans this Memorial Day.

We remember the service and sacrifice of all veterans!

Close up of above headstone

wide view of Scipio Township Cemetery

Dr. Erastus Fellows, died 1843.

Brong Family four young children buried here

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